Children's Spirituality - Rebecca Nye

Rebecca Nye’s influential work on children’s spiritual awareness and development, and how we can take that into account when planning work with them, is well worth a read.  Liz Morton explains why.


The cover of the book, which depicts a child blowing bubbles.

Nye, R. (2010).   Children’s Spirituality.  London, United Kingdom: Church House Publishing

This book gives a very accessible introduction to the subject of Children’s Spirituality. It covers both theory and practical advice, with each chapter providing questions for discussion. For me,  chapter four should be essential reading for anyone involved in leading or supporting any form of Christian nurture; from Sunday school, holiday clubs, collective worship and everything in between. The six criteria offered can radically alter perspective, understanding and practice; providing a checklist to evaluate and develop best practice which allows children to flourish.  Highly Recommended.


Reviewed by Liz Morton on 04/05/18.

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  1. A must read for anyone genuinely interested in the spiritual development of our children – it could transform the way you do children’s work.