Becoming Reverend - Matt Woodcock


This is a lighthearted and diary-style story of Matt’s journey to ordination as a pioneer minister in the Diocese of York.  Matt is real about the kind of person he was and how he changed through his training.  It deals openly with the difficulties he and his wife experienced along the journey and recognises that God calls everyone, however hard he found it, as a journalist for a regional newspaper, to believe he was called.

This book is probably not for the squeamish as Matt is often quite explicit about the problems he and his wife experienced conceiving and the language is not always that generally expected of a future member of clergy.  However for me that was part of its strength.  It reflects the understanding that our ministers can and should come from all walks of life.  It also makes it seem more possible that ordinary people can serve God in this way.

It’s not a book that will help you understand ordination and priesthood any better and certainly shouldn’t be your only reading before going to the national processes.  What it will do though is give you some insight into the way the system works, the trials of living in community whilst in training and wisdom in seeing how God works through all those things to help you to grow into the minister he intends you to be.

This book is available to borrow from the Vocations Library in the Diocese of Leeds