Member Benefits

Joining the Digital Learning Platform (DLP) is as easy as typing your email address and all of the following benefits will then be yours:

  • regular email updates on the areas of discipleship and ministry that interest you listing events, course and resources
  • access to training courses with direct booking (and payment, where necessary)
  • a dynamic map that lets you know about events near you
  • the ability to search by episcopal area
  • keep up to date with the possible training pathways
  • a personal profile area where you can bookmark your favourite resources, courses and build your own ‘learning portfolio’
  • join learning communities of like minded people where discussion, ideas and hive mind all take place
  • the DLP can be used on your desktop, laptop, iPad or smartphone, anytime, any place, anywhere.
  • single sign-on to use online courses you are signed up to within Moodle

We hope that the DLP will enable you to flourish in your faith, learning, discipleship and ministry so that we can encourage one another in becoming confident Christians, in growing Churches, transforming our communities.

By becoming a member of the Digital Learning Platform you agree to the use of Cookies and subscribe to our Code of Conduct. You can find links to these at the bottom of the page, as well as our Privacy Policy. Our Disability Policy is in progress and will be uploaded as soon as is has been ratified.