God calls everyone to different roles within the world and within the church.  Working out what that means for each of us can take some time and some thought and a lot of conversation.  Often what God is calling each of us to is obvious to other people but can be a mystery to us.  We can have multiple callings – to be married or single;  a husband or wife; a mother or father; to fulfil a particular paid position or voluntary role.

Not everything we do is a vocation.  It’s not a job or a role we do because we fancy it so much as something we feel unavoidably drawn to out of our love for and worship of God.  As Os Guinness, author of The Call says:

Calling is not only a matter of being and doing what we are but also of becoming what we are not yet but are called by God to be.

Following God’s call changes who we are.  It’s a journey rather than a destination and one where often you don’t know more than the next step.  Psalm 119:105 says “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”  It doesn’t say it’s a set of streetlamps that lights up the whole way but is more closely related to a torch – something that stops you taking a wrong step but doesn’t show you much more than a couple of steps at a time.  As we have the courage to follow God’s call, the next step becomes clearer, but until we do that step remains shrouded in darkness.

Having taken this step to begin to explore your calling why not read some of the books on our reading list about general calling?  We can lend you a lot of them from the Vocations Library, just come along to one of our Fellowships of Vocation or contact the vocations team to find out more.


The Vocations Team