Lay Training

Across the Diocese of Leeds there are plenty of exciting opportunities to grow in faith as well as to develop skills to serve God and God’s people. These range from regular worship to one-off events to more sustained courses all offered through Leeds School of Ministry (LSoM).

“Excellent course. Really made me think about my gifts. Reaffirmed for me what I am supposed to be doing and finding a way to fit this in my daily life. Loved the small groups and bouncing off ideas to get a different perspective. It has made me much more aware of what I have and how I use the gifts that I have.”


In addition to courses offered locally, a variety of training opportunities are organised in Episcopal Areas. Leeds School of Ministry also provides training for licensed lay ministry, known as Reader Ministry, where Lay Theologians train in hubs around the diocese. These courses offer Common Awards modules leading to higher education certificates and diplomas validated by Durham University .

Leeds School of Ministry

Leeds School of Ministry has three Hubs: Bradford, Leeds and Mirfield (Ripon is moving to a new delivery model in 2019-20 and further news will be circulated as this develops), as well as offering training in a variety of venues from parish churches to Leeds Church Institute or even retreat houses for longer courses or a full day’s training.

Adult Learners Mixed

Some of our training is ‘mixed mode’ in other words both face to face and online via Moodle (our Virtual Learning Environment).  Some of our courses can also be accessed and completed online at your own pace, or downloaded to complete or share locally.

At the Leeds School of Ministry we believe that part of our faith journey includes whole-life learning, including spiritual formation, theological understanding, growth and development.  As Christian people all are called to serve and flourish, that we might be a part of sharing God’s love as confident Christians in growing churches, transforming communities. The rich learning environment LSoM offers brings together like-minded people with experienced and knowledgeable tutors from a wide range of ministry backgrounds where we have fun, develop ourselves and our relationship with one another and with God as well as preparing for ministry.

Our Team

Theological Education