Church Growth

Growing the local church is a core goal for the Dicoese of Leeds. By growth we mean growth in numbers, in spiritual depth and in mission outreach to the local community. LYCIG is the central roadmap to help us all to achieve that growth.

The local church means every type of church within the Diocese from the deep rural to the inner city and the posh suburban; very traditional to fresh expression; messy church and resource church. We want to see them all growing.

Church Growth Companions

We have built a fantastic team of  church growth companions.  They operate across the five episcopal areas and cover lots of different parochial contexts and varying churchmanships.

Companions are not church-growth experts telling us how to do it.  They are all fellow travellers, listeners, encouragers and perhaps with occasional suggestions.  Every companion is a vicar of their own church which they are trying to lead into growth.  They are a fantastic group of people: willing, able and trained.

If you would like this sort of help, contact Robin Gamble

Church Growth Companions